New Research Shows That Genes Do Not Necessarily Control Our Susceptibility To Disease.


Our genes control us! That’s what many people believe, including actress Angelina Joli, who had her breasts removed because she was told that she was genetically predisposed to breast cancer! It’s long been the predominant theory in the medical profession, but now all that’s changing. Continue reading “New Research Shows That Genes Do Not Necessarily Control Our Susceptibility To Disease.”

How Blood Sugar Levels Affect Weight Gain


Weight gain is epidemic in the South Africa, with over 70% of women being overweight or obese (this is the highest in Africa). Even more frightening is that 13% of our children are overweight or obese (this is more than double the world average!).1 Being overweight increases the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and dementia, respiratory problems, osteoarthritis and depression.2 The cost is enormous, not only in rands but also in pain and suffering. Continue reading “How Blood Sugar Levels Affect Weight Gain”

Dealing With Depression Without Medication

We all know someone who suffers from depression or have been depressed ourselves. The problem comes in when we can’t get over the depression and it becomes chronic.

 The World Health Organisation estimates that depression affects 300 million people worldwide.1 According to Mental Health UK, 1 in 6 adults experiences anxiety or depression and 1 in 5 adults has considered suicide at some point.2 In the US it is estimated that over 12% of the population uses antidepressants.3 Depression affects more women than men. In one study, in older people, it is thought to affect ±70% of older people in some countries.4 Continue reading “Dealing With Depression Without Medication”

Antibacterial Cleaners Are Bad For Our Health!

Antibacterial soaps

Just last week I noticed an ad on TV for a new anti-bacterial version of a well known brand of dish washing liquid. It’s another example of how detergent manufacturers are using fear tactics to sell products, in spite of clear evidence that the antibacterial ingredients in the products are seriously bad for our health and the environment . Over the last few years we have been bombarded with ads implying that we are bad parents if we don’t protect our children by using these chemicals.

 Ever stop to think that generations grew up happily, and healthily, without them? Continue reading “Antibacterial Cleaners Are Bad For Our Health!”