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Coping With Depression Without Drugs

Natural Strategies For Heart Health

A Natural Approach To Children’s Health

Chronic Diseases – How To Prevent Them Naturally

Managing Diabetes Naturally

Here are links to the very latest scientific studies

Improving the health of you gut microbiome increases your resilience to stress

Interval Walking Training (IWT) associated with significant health benefits

Lack of omega 3 leads to aggression in kids

Weekend sleeping-in can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

Medications for ADHD associated with increased risk of developing glaucoma

Cannabis, nicotine use during pregnancy increases rate of infant death fourfold

Dietary Protein intake in midlife associated with significantly improved aging

A new review confirms the benefits of exercise for ADHD children

Consumption of energy drinks in young poses severe health risks

Scientists Destroy 99% of Cancer Cells in The Lab Using Vibrating Molecules

Risk of young-onset dementia could be reduced through targeting health and lifestyle factors

New study links artificial sweeteners significantly alter the small bowel microbiome

A 2019 study highlights the dangers of parasites dangerous to human heath in foods made from insects

An Australian study shows that Vit B3 (nicotinamide) helps prevent skin cancer

A new review shows that vaping may affect fertility in young adults.

A review of studies suggests that CoQ10 is a promising treatment for heart failure

Having a flu shot increases your chances of infecting others according to a new study

DHA, in Omega 3, improves chemo effectiveness for brain cancer treatment

DHA, in Omega 3, inhibits the Proliferation and Progression of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Cells

Cholesterol does not cause heart disease – a review of current scientific literature shows.

Studies show that eating legumes like lentils, peas, beans and chickpeas reduces cholesterol levels

Study finds link between commonly prescribed statin and memory impairment

Probiotics linked to lower rates of allergies in kids

Studies show alarming increase in risk of breast cancer after abortion

Study shows that Omega 3 oil protects the brain from the negative effects of junk foods

New study shows that Vit C may lower the effects of air pollution

Study shows that a diet of only processed foods during pregnancy can increase the chances of food allergies in chidren

Study shows definite link between soft drink consumption and behavioural problems in children

New study shows inreased breast cancer risk among women using statin drugs

Chemical widely used in antibacterial hand soaps may impair muscle function

Study reveals link between cell phone usage and increased risk of brain tumours in children

Omega 3s inhibit breast cancer growth

Insulin use by diabetics associated with greater risk of dying over a decade compared to other diabetic therapies

Carotenoids help reduce breast cancer risk

Daily doses of probiotic reduces ‘bad’ and total cholesterol

Eating lentlils & beans can help control Type 2 Diabetes & prevent heart disease

Ginger selectively kills breast cancer cells

Passive smoking also affects neurodevelopment in babies

Pancreatic Cancer Risk May Be Reduced Up To Two Thirds By High Dietary Antioxidant Intake

Study Shows High-Fructose Diet Sabotages Learning, Memory

Increasing Omega 3 levels may reduce prostrate cancer growth

Childhood Exposure To Germs May Help Immunity

Antioxidants may improve cancer drugs

Fish oil may hold key to leukaemia cure

Taking antibiotics can irreversibly damage our gut bacteria

Curcumin is a potent cancer fighter

Supplementing with Omega 3 can boost babies immune systems

Using olive oil in your diet may prevent strokes

Study shows that Omega 3 helps depression in elderly & improves quality of life

New study proves Omega 3 prevents inflammation linked to heart & other diseases

New study supports link between diet and ADHD

Caramel Colouring in soft drinks linked to cancer

Processed food diet in early childhood may lower subsequent IQ

Type 2 diabetes can be reversed without drugs

Moms who don’t breastfeed more likely to develop type 2 diabetes

Obsession with antibacterial cleaners bad for you and the planet

Too much caffeine during pregnancy can cause smaller than normal babies

Pregnant moms can prevent eczema in babies by taking probiotics